Mole Removal

Moles are usually harmless lesions on the skin that can vary in size and colour. They can appear on babies, children or adults and affect almost anywhere on the body.

It is important to get a new or existing mole checked by a doctor if it changes.

Cancerous moles (Melanoma) can have the following appearances, best remembered by the ABCD and EGF rules:

A = Asymmetry in shape

B = Border irregularity

C = Colour change or variability

D = Dimensions (changing size)

EFG = an elevated and firm growing lesion

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Mole Removal

The most effective and safest option for mole removal is surgical (excision). After careful examination and explanation of the procedure (to ensure you fully understand what is involved and consent to it), the area will be cleaned with an antibacterial solution (to reduce infection risk) then marked. A small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the area to ensure removal is pain free. The area will be made sterile and the lesion excised. The wound will be closed with or without stitches (depending on the procedure) and dressing applied. Aftercare will be discussed and information leaflet given.

If you have a mole or lesion that you don’t like the look of, or are concerned about, please do not hesitate to contact us the Quality Health Care Ltd.

Mole removal without stitches   £110

Mole removal with stitches   £400

Full Body Mole Check (with Dermoscopy)   £130