Microsclerotherapy (Leg Thread Vein Removal)

‏The most effective, Gold Standard treatment for leg thread vein removal and spider vein removal is Microsclerotherapy.

A very fine needle is used to inject a prescription medicine called a sclerosant into the broken veins. A healing process starts which results in the vein fading and becoming less noticeable. Depending on the severity and extent, several treatments may be required.

To get the best results from thread vein treatment, it is very important to have a proper assessment of the whole vein system in the leg to see if there is any connection between the superficial thread veins and the deeper veins. This is very important, because if there is a connection which is not treated, then back flow and high pressure will work against the treatment, making it less effective.

At the Quality Health Care Clinic, we do a thorough assessment of the whole leg vein system using a specialised ultrasound.

Recent research has shown that nearly all thread veins have ‘feeder’ veins nearby that also need treatment. These veins are called reticular veins and can be several centimetres away. They are usually invisible but doctors at Quality Health Care use the Veinlite system (a high energy halogen light beam) to allow these veins to be easily identified for treatment.

Over time the treated blood vessel is absorbed by the body and eventually disappear.  Microsclerotherapy is very effective and painless – after three treatments and 80-90% improvement can be expected.

If you are suffering from thread veins and want them treated, please contact Quality Health Care Ltd to make an appointment with one of our doctors. Don’t hide your thread veins, banish them!!

Full Vein Assessment of both Legs with Ultrasound Examination


Microsclerotherapy for Leg Veins incl. use of specialised Veinlite

£200 /session