We had a fantastic turnout and all attendees had their moles checked by one of our Doctors, were given advice on how to detect skin cancer, Sun safety and had education on self skin examination. All were given goodie bags to take home and we were able to also raise a great sum of money for Julia’s House. Thanks to all who attended and made the event such a success.

Feedback from the event:

 “Absolutely fantastic event last night with Nermina Selimovic and Rayhaneh Zahedi at Quality Health Care. I’m super informed and motivated about taking better care of my skin from potential future sun damage.”


 “I took my son with me & he has a much clearer understanding of the consequences of sun damage. We have also been alerted to a minor issue so all round an excellent evening! Thank you.”


  “..Interesting and informative..”


  “..more of these types of events please…”


 “..very informative, also a big thank you to the doctors.”


  “Loved the 30 mins we had. Very informative and educational”


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