With less than 2 weeks to Mother’s Day…

Indulge your Mum with a QHC Gift Voucher to pamper herself with a treatment of her choice, including:🌷

✨ Luxury Medical Peel

✨ Profhilo

✨ Wrinkle-relaxing Injections

✨ Dermal Fillers

✨ Award-winning Medical-grade Skin Care

✨ Full Body Mole Check

✨ Health Check

✨ Treatment of Pigmentation Disorders

✨ Thread Vein Removal (Microsclerotherapy)

✨ Skin Surgery – incl. removal of moles, warts, tags

And more…..

Thank her for everything she does, then treat her for everything she is with this unique Mother’s Day gift.

Just contact us on:

📞 01202 554433

✉️ info@qualityhealthcareltd.com

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