Skin Care Products

Contact us at Quality Health Care Ltd to find the skin care product specific to your skin.

Cosmeceuticals are products with bioactive  ingredients and at QHC we have products and treatments for different skin types, helping to rejuvenate complexion, regaining the skin’s elasticity, tone and texture and reduce wrinkles.  

Medical-grade products will always offer stronger, active ingredients strategically formulated for your skin under the guidance of one of our medical professionals in a clinical setting.

Many active ingredients have structural benefits, or work strictly on or inside the skin, with the ability to penetrate deeply offering a multi-layer approach to treatment. They also include advanced technologies like encapsulation which maintains the integrity and purity of actives as they penetrate into skin. Medical-grade products are strong enough to correct problems embedded deeper in the skin and help with prevention as well.

They are physician dispensed and backed by science.