ZO® Signature Peels: OSSENTIAL® Stimulator Peel

Key Features

  • The perfect “lunchtime” or “red carpet” peel for all skin types, providing healthier skin with no irritation or down time.
  • Get a brightening boost and revive dull looking skin with this stimulating combination of citric, glycolic and lactic acids.
  • Epidermal exfoliation and renewal improves skin texture and tone
  • Accelerated exfoliation of skin surface pigmentation creates a more even skin tone
  • Plus, the unique multi-targeted skin brightening approach helps prevent the formation of new pigmentation


  • Reduces comedogenic acne
  • Controls sebum excretion
  • Smooths skin and evens skin tone
  • Improves pigmentation
  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines
  • Leaves skin calm without irritation

Usage / Frequency

  • Every week

Healing  Time

  • None
ZO Stimulator Peel

1 x Peel – £90.00

Offer – Buy 3 Peels, get 1 free

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